About Sonetas

Sonetas is a software company that specializes in creating and offering software solutions for veterinary practices.

Sonetas has in-house an in-depth knowledge of the veterinary ecosystem which makes that Sonetas is well aware of the needs of a contemporary veterinary practice. Next Sonetas has the required skills to build modern, safe and user friendly applications. Its focus is on an online (web-based) approach in which it embraces proven open source technologies.

The Sonetas team has more than 50 years experience in IT, telecom and the medical/veterinary world.

Sonetas wants to deliver quality work, therefore it carefully selects its partners and suppliers. For the hosting and colocation Sonetas works together with Nucleus. For all graphical material (printed and online) the experts at OSKAR D are consulted.

For Sonetas the interaction with the users of its software is paramount. In this way we discover new and specific needs at an early stage and we can react quickly when needed. Therefore we are reachable 24/7 via e-mail and phone. There is also a yearly users meeting. Service matters to us.


Sonetas bvba
Motstraat 30
2800 Mechelen
VAT: BE 0893.138.980